Witchy Broom Treat Holder

I love Halloween. Seriously, it’s really close to being my favorite Holiday of the year. So, for this TCP Tuesday Challenge I headed over to our old Project of the Month files and pulled out the Best Witches Broom Candy Sack.

Witchy Broom Treat Holder

I decided to create my own version using the Creep It Real Stamp Set and the Star Rosette  CutUps Die. This picture does not do it justice. It really reminds me of a broom in person.

I used a bamboo rod for my broomstick, but I can see using a pixie stix, or other long treat. If, I used the skinny pixie stix, I would probably adhere several stix together. Halloween really does have the BEST candy. So, you may see another “treat” before this challenge is over,

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