There’s A New Kitty In Town

When we went looking for a New Kitty Kat to join The Cat Pack, we had our eyes peeled for someone that knew their way around a digital stamp. A innovative designer with a wonderful sense of color and pattern was a must.  A sense of humor and knowledge of what is happening NOW in the stamping world. That’s all important to an old lady like me. And, having an electronic cutting machine was also important.

Angela Yearous
Angela Yearous

Most of all, we were looking for someone that LOVES to card make. Angela Yearous is all that we are looking for, and more. Her card making is impeccable and meticulous. Her coloring is drool worthy. And, I’ve seen parts of her craft room. I KNOW she’s up on what is going on right now, in the stamp word. Mostly, her card making makes me smile. She’s uber talented in many styles, and I can’t wait to see more from her.

I’m so glad she’s joining us in our adventure. Welcome, Angela!


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