The Cat’s Pajamas Is Going Digital


Whew! 2020 was a tough year! And if there’s one thing that 2020 taught us is to be versatile.  With so many people shopping from home and shipping and manufacturing times uncertain, and our need to spend more time with the ones we love, The Cat’s Pajamas has decided to go digital.

This allows us to bring you digital stamps and Cutables (for your electronic cutting machine) for a low price and immediate download. This means no waiting for your order to arrive and no extra expense to cover postage. Our digital stamps will be saved at 300 dpi so you can make the stamp as big or small as you want. You can even flip them to suit your needs or turn your stamps into t-shirts or signage or whatever you can image. Versatile.

And since we are going digital, we are clearing our our existing inventory in a progressive sale. Starting in March, all our stamps, dies, stencilz and embellishments will be 20% off. The month of April, the discount will deepen to 30% off and May will see a 40% off sale. If we have any inventory left, June 50% off, etc.

I’m so excited for this next phase for  The Cat’s Pajamas. I hope you are too.














5 thoughts on “The Cat’s Pajamas Is Going Digital

  1. I’m so sad–not that you are going digital, but that you will ONLY be going digital. I will so miss your stamps and even your dies. I understand your reasoning and even the appeal to many, but I can’t switch over………I guess I’m stuck in the dinosaur age of stamping and paper crafting: I just love the actual stamps and ink and dies in my hands and all over my table. I wish you would consider doing BOTH or bringing real stamps back at a later time. Otherwise, you are just another great stamp company demise I mourn while I enjoy the ones in my collection. Thanks for those at least!

  2. This is so exciting!! I love your stamps but I find digis are so much more convenient….I’m looking very forward to your digi stamps!!

    1. (((HUGS)))

      I know that many have concerns about digital stamps and how to work with them regarding resizing etc. and I’ve found awesome way to do it for free. I’m working on a video that will show you how easy it is to use digital stamps. 😉

      1. Oh yay – that would be so helpful for me as I don’t use digi’s as I don’t have a program that allows me to resize them.
        I certainly understand why you’re going digital, but I will miss your dies/stencils. Maybe in the future … 😉

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