Stencil a Message on a Custom Wreath

heart Wreath

Since Valentine’s Day is over I wanted to repurpose a tinsel wreath that I got over at the Dollar Tree and make it more of an all-year round kind of decor.


I thought it was also a great way to use my stencils! Stencils are CRAZY versatile and they aren’t just for walls or crosswalks any more. I love all the great techniques that are being released on the world now that crafter’s have them in their hot little hands

heart Wreath

I particularly like them to personalize a simple wreath to give a custom message. Our alphabet stencilz have nice big letters and are affordable when compared to stamps and dies. Plus, if I don’t get the coverage I wanted with the stencil I can easily replace it and repaint.

So, for this wreath, I removed the tinsel from the heart and trimmed of all the “extras” (see video 😉 ) and painted the frame up to mimic rattan. Then, I wired in some pretty florals.


Then, I pulled out some burlap ribbon, white chalk paint and our Shakey Serif Stencilz. I stenciled up several different words so that I could audition them and have them on hand if I wanted to change out the word later.

Finally, I cut off the word “welcome” and hot glued it to the frame. What do you think? I’m in LOVEheart Wreath

But, I was not done there! I went to Pier1 and saw a floral bunny for WAY more than I wanted to pay. I knew I could make it for a TON less, so I gave it a try.

bunny Wreath

For this bunny, I used a tinsel covered bunny from the 99cent Store, but you could use any frame or even draw out a bunny on foam core and cut it out.  I unraveled the tinsel and chose my flowers and either pulled the heads off the stems or cut the stems very short.

bunny Wreath

Starting with the largest flowers, I hot glued them on the frame and filled in the rest with more flower, really packing out the curves so that the were accentuated. (all those flowers tend to make definition go away). Then, I added the “Hoppy Easter” ribbon that I stenciled earlier and topped it with a burlap bow.

bunny Wreath

What do you think? I really LOVE the bunny tail from white hydrangeas and the contrast between the pretty soft flowers and the farmhouse look of the stenciled burlap ribbon.

Check out the video for how I did these two projects and tips on how to stencil the letters.