Sneaky Peek Day #2— Comic Balloons & Sun Cutable


It’s Day #2 of Sneaky Peek Week and today we are Sneaky Peeking our Comic Balloons and Sun Cutable.

Yesterday, we gave you a peek at our favorite long-eared bunny. He is a Super Hero in my eyes, and yesterday I made it official. But, what Super Hero would be complete without accessories!?


Brenda Nakandadari creates a Card in a Box using the New “My Hero” stamp set and the Comic Balloons and Boom CutUps Dies. These are actually separate die sets that you can use together or alone.

Nancy TCP 4-20-16

How about Nancy Thomas’ AMAZING card? She mixes and matches the Comic Balloons and the Boom Dies for a terrific look. And the background behind the Bunny? That’s our NEW Sun Cutable. If you have a cutting machine you can use it to make great backgrounds, just like Nancy.


Even I had to get in on the fun of this set and these wild inlay dies. So, I made a slider card using our Slider CutUps.


Because these are inlay dies and not dies that you layer, it was easy to cut through the cardstock with the Slider Die. What a Blast!


Finally, Jessica Rone gives us a card that’s a knockout! Did your jaw drop like mine did? I keep looking at it, and looking at it. This card reminds me so much of a comic book page. It’s perfect for anyone who loves anything super hero.

Want to see more of this set? Check out the members of our Cat Pack for a closer look.


Nancy Thomas
Brenda Nakandakari
Wendy McGaffey
Julie Elak
Jessie Rone

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Joan V. is the FIRST winner of our $10 gift certificate. She posted this on Jessie Rone‘s Blog. Joan, please contact Alma to claim your prize.

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