Santa’s Helpers [Cristena, Brenda and Wendy]

Santa contacted me recently and asked what some of his favorite cardmakers might want for Christmas from The Cat’s Pajamas store. So I asked the design team to list a few of their favorite products to give him some ideas. Last week, Julee, Beata and Deborah shared their favorites. This week Santa’s Helpers are Cristena, Brenda and Wendy.

Cristena’s Favorites:

Products: Gnome Peeking

Products: Holeless Sequins

Products: Snapes Alive

Products: Bunnies at Sea

Products: Sponsored By

Brenda’s Favorites

Products: Sketchy Santa Bundle

Products: Succulent Stencilz

Products: Big Cups Bundle

Products: Bunnies in Flight

Products: Spring Tag Duo

Products: Watercolor Basics

Products: Holeless Sequins

Wendy’s Favorites

Products: Twist Stencilz

Products: Succulent Stencilz

Products: Spit Happens

Products: Word Dies

Stay tuned for even more Santa’s Helpers lists!

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