Ready to Tie One On?

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I gave you a little sneaky peek of these cute shirt boxes earlier this week, but this time I thought I would give you more details about these cute little boxes.

Learn How To Create Shirt Treat Boxes

But, if you want to watch a video on how to create these boxes using Cricut, Silhouette Studio and Scan N Cut Workspace just click here.

  1. First, I cut out all the pieces I needed, and that included the buttons. You could, of course, use real buttons, but I thought I would use the buttons included cutting a really thin strip of paper and threading it through the holes. I secured them on the back with foam tape.
  2. To make the collar stand out from the shirt, I sponged ink on the edges.
  3. Secondly, I folded along the dashed lines and secured the side tab to the back of the box on the opposite side.  Then, I closed the bottom.
  4.  I added the shirt front strip, (add goodies now)and folded over the collar and secure
  5. For the tie, fold over the middle section and insert the two sides, securing it between the middle section.
  6. Finally, attach the tie and buttons to the front. There is also a second style of tie and it’s created the same way.

It’s such a fast and easy treat box that can be sized down, as well. If you want to go bigger, I’ve included files for a bigger box, cause that’s how I roll 😉 These would be great table favors, too, if you have have more than one dad sitting down for dinner. They are so easy to make with Cutable files.

Shirt Treat Box Cutable SVGs
Shirt Treat Box Cutable SVGs

You get .svgs and .dxfs for both sizes and ties and shirt tabs in the Shirt Treat Boxes.  I think you can change things up and even round out the collars and add a string of pearls for a really cute Mother’s Day gift. I hope you give them a try.