Love Grows

Heart Topiary
Love Grows with these Heart Topiaries

I’ve been stamping cards for nearly 20 years, and I’ve always loved extending the usage of my stamps and dies beyond cards. Even beyond papercrafting. Like Home Decor.

As a crafter, I’ve looked at Home Decor stores and amazed at the cost, especially for Holiday themed decor. I just can’t see paying $25 and up for a single piece of decor.

heartFor this Valentine’s Day I created the Ombre Rose Wreath and these sweet topiaries. Not only did I get to use my stamps and dies, but the decor didn’t break the bank.

I started by painting a pair of terra-cotta pots and stamping them with our Words of Love Stamp Set. Then, I painted wooden hearts and topped them with our Always and Hugs & Kisses CutUps. (not into the red and pink on the hearts? Try covering the pink in white and the red in black)

Dowels are attached to the back of the hearts with hot glue and inserted into moss covered foam that I had placed into the pots.

A simple bit of Valentine decor that that didn’t cost a bundle 😉