Angel Policy

The Cat’s Pajamas Rubber Stamps encourage you to use our original images to create original artwork on no more than 50 items that you plan to sell at a time. And, if possible, to credit the company on the piece. If you do plan to hand stamp more than 50 items please contact The Cat’s Pajamas at:

The Cat’s Pajamas Rubber Stamps
1519-39th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122or via email at:

Please remember that your usage is only for handstamped items only. This means NO reproductions by mechanicals means. NO mechanical, electronic, or computer scanning. NO printing or copying.

For specific questions regarding the use of our images, please contact us in writing, via mail or email.


Current copyright law protects original artwork from the moment that it is created even without the placement of the copyright symbol. The Cat’s Pajamas images are original pieces of artwork and are additionally registered with the United States Copyright Office. If you are interested in Licensing our designs, please contact us.