Brenda Nakandakari joins The Cat Pack

I have always been impressed by artists try out new styles and new designs. There is a certain freshness and joy in their designs. Like they are just having fun creating.


Brenda Nakandakari is just that kind of artist. She dabbles in different styles because her passion is stamping and cardmaking. She loves it all!


Her classy cards are classy, with a modern twist.


Her whimsical cards may look deceptively simple but there is always something that adds depth and interest.


She mixes patterns and textures so well, that I am constantly in awe. So much so that she has been chosen Swanky Stamper so many times that I can’t count.


So when a spot opened up on The Cat Pack I had to ask her to join. Lucky for us, she said “Yes” I can’t wait to see what she stamps up next.