Rebekah Weckerly

Rebekah WeckerlyIf you notice one thing about Rebekah Weckerly is that she makes a scene. That’s exactly what we noticed.

Rebekah creates wonderful places that transport us to different places that we just  want to visit.

What a talented author does with words, Rebekah does with ink, markers and stamps.

It can be a Winter Wonderland, or a cloudy, blue sky, or a woodland forest or even a mountain top. She’s just that amazing.

Like this card she created using our Kick Some Grass Stamp Set. Her coloring creates so much depth.


I truly believe that I am just a girl, sitting in front of a bunny, waiting for it to say it loves me. Hey, wait, that’s a movie. But, you know what I mean. It literally feels like I’m on a grassy knoll, under a pink and blue sky, hanging out with my buddy, the long-eared bun. Rebekah really brings us into a beautiful world that she creates. And, we like it.

Now, take a look at Rebekah’s Blog and Instagram @rebekahweckerly for more. I am so happy to announce that Rebekah Weckerly is now a member of The Cat Pack. I can’t wait to see where she brings us next.

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