Coffee Lovers Bloghop!

It’s the start of the Christmas Season! It’s my ALL-TIME favorite time of the year. There is nothing better than coming in from the crisp outdoors and settling down with a hot cup of something! Tea, coffee, cocoa, you name it. And what better way to celebrate than to Β join in the fun with a Coffee Lover’s BlogHop?

For this Bloghop I decided to turn back the time machine a bit, and show off one of my FAVORITE sets. Ship Happens!


In Boston, one year, I met up with my friend, Kim Vandersanden and we had a great time exploring the old town. We ducked into a tea shop to get out of the cold and this set was born. I had a lot of fun designing this set and I think The Cat Pack liked making Β cards with it.


Now it’s time for you to join in the fun! Just visitΒ Coffee Lover’s BlogHop for the deets. It goes until December 15. You could win a prize from the plethora of sponsors! (Including yours truly!)



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